Have The Perfect Movie Experience – Drive In Movie Theater

Have The Perfect Movie Experience – Drive In Movie Theater

 Movies are enjoyed by all. Before the age of movie theaters with large IMAX screens and the technology that allowed individuals to play any movie from their homes at a press of a button, people would take their cars to a drive in movie theater, sit in their cars with several snacks and enjoy the movie being screened for everyone.


What are these theaters?

Most people hear only stories of such theaters from their grandparents, but what exactly are they and why are they still so popular? A drive in movie theater is a form of cinematic experience where there exists a large outdoor placed movie screen – usually in a spacious arena such as a park or a car parking out to act as a parking area for the automobiles driving in to watch the film, a booth set up for production along with a concession stand. They also often have playgrounds set up for children, food stalls and picnic tables and benches set up. The screen usually varies from something as simple as a whitewashed wall to a steel truss structure that has a complex finish.


Why were they so popular?

While initially being the only option available to the older generations for the viewing of films, a drive in movie theater grew to be much more than merely a movie screen. They informal, easy and friendly atmosphere allowed these drive ins to be both, a space for socialisation as well as isolation.


It gave people the ability to enjoy the comfort of their car and gain a little privacy since everyone, including themselves, would be within the doors of their car. But outside of the car, it became a place to meet new people from different cultural identities and backgrounds. Moreover, these theaters helped establish a certain degree of unity and oneness since everyone was there for the same agenda – to enjoy a good movie.

From left, Karina Albidrez, 16, with cousins, Ayden Solan, 4, and Julyssa Uribe, 16, sit on the roof of their car as they watch the movie “Minions” at Vineland Drive-In movie theater in City of Industry on Friday, July 10, 2015. (Photo by Watchara Phomicinda/ San Gabriel Valley Tribune)


Both in the olden times and the present day, more than anything these drive in movie theaters were all about the experience. People in love with movies and the charm of films simply love to be out in the open below a starry night watching a film with their loved ones or a person they’ve just met or someone they seek to be with for the rest of their lives. More than the movie, it’s about the place they’re at and the people who are there with them.


There is a certain element of magic that comes when you do something old school. The drive in movie theater industry has been opening up again and bringing people the joy movies have always wanted to give to their audience. So, the next time you’re free on a Friday night and you have a drive in theatre in your city, grab your best bunch of friends, a bunch of snacks and a car with comfortable seats and enjoy a movie experience like no other!