Movies Such As The Lego Movie Which Make One Have A Relishing Experience!

Movies Such As The Lego Movie Which Make One Have A Relishing Experience!

Every once in a while, a film releases that people bound to love and cherish and remember forever. Such movies might release under any particular genre, such as animation, action or even adventure, and they might fall under the categories for kids or children, but adults too seem to love and enjoy them as much, or sometimes even more than the kids and make them remembered as one of the best evergreen or classic films. The Lego Movie, and such similar movies also lie under the same category, as they are loved by the adults and the kids both, and are also remembered and cherished throughout. Not only this, whenever re-runs of the same films are run on the television, people make it a point to hog to the television sets and enjoy and love watching these movies.

The premise of such films

The stories of such films might revolve around issues that are not heavily dramatic or very serious, but something that people can enjoy on a light note, or take with a pinch of salt. These movies take up stories that do not get too much for the viewers to digest and such that they are left with a happy spirit. The Lego Movie takes up a story in which an ordinary LEGO worker, in the construction business, is rumoured or thought to be as special. People prophesize about him and his abilities, and this makes him their top choice for a recruitment of sorts. In turn, he is recruited and is made to join a quest which is to stop the rule of an evil dictator or a tyrant. This evil tyrant schemes and conspires to glue the entire LEGO universe together into an eternal stasis. This is the entire premises or the storyline of the film, around which the sequence of events is taking place.

This premise holds the ground for the entire movie and the events that take place in the film are because of these. This movie, owing to its popularity also had a lot of sequels that were being churned out as the Lego Movie turned out to be a big hit among the masses.

The success of such franchises

This entire franchise proves the fact that a film does not just have to pertain to a certain kind of audience to make an impression or hit the mark. With the right story and the correct storytelling patterns, a movie with its heart set in the right place can prove to be a great series and be a big hit.

This proves that in the longer run, movies that have the right intentions and a compelling story, irrespective of the genre they have, can be great franchises and can turn out to be huge blockbusters, and evergreen classics in the longer run. They also make a lot of money and their re-runs are played out on televisions for everyone to watch and cherish.