Why Funny Movies Make Everything Better

Why Funny Movies Make Everything Better

People watch movies to entertain themselves, get away from real life, and change how they are feeling for a couple of hours. However, no matter what your mood, funny movies always seem to do the trick when it comes to breaking the monotony of life and giving yourselves a cheer. No matter the genre, every film tries to break the flow of the story to give the audience a giggle. Even what may seem to be the most serious, darkest, saddest drama needs a bit of comedy and laughter.


What makes a movie funny?

There are differences when it comes to what constitutes a funny movie for a person. This comes in the form of what the comedy elements of the funny movies are. While some have the best punchlines, characters doing the funniest of things, a funny storyline, funny screenwriting, and comedic events. Different movies tend to be funny for different people. What may appeal to the audience as funny, depends upon the age of the viewer, the genre of the film, the types of films that they like and the storyline of the film.


Why are comedy movies loved?

Comedy or funny movies make people burst into laughter and feel at ease. Most often, they have a simple story with a variety of unpredictable events and endings. This is one of the primary features of such films that make people laugh. It includes not knowing what may happen, yet staying optimistic and happy throughout.


They create a sense of relaxation. When people laugh, their brains also laugh, releasing endorphins and dopamine into the body which are the hormones for happiness and pleasure thus making the body and mind feel good.

These films relieve stress. They have the inherent ability to relieve stress by giving people a hearty laugh. They allow a reduction in the level of stress without even having to leave the house. Simply, sitting back and relaxing on the couch while enjoying a funny movie can do wonders.


These movies can help you bond with others. There is nothing greater than connecting with the people around you by sharing a good laugh. Moreover, they renew your energy. If you’re feeling low on energy and drained out, watching a funny movie can help your body and soul feel energized. Funny movies tend to have a prominent effect on the body from all the way at the top to the complete bottom.


Remember that movies for many are an escape. Whether it includes escaping from your life, your feelings, your mental space or even the routine of your life. You can always put on a funny movie and try to uplift how you’re doing. Though not on the face of it, funny movies tend to give its viewers a positive outlook to life in the long run. And the best part is, one doesn’t even have to leave their home. They can find a variety of such films playing on the television on different cable channels, online through the internet or even the legally approved streaming websites.